Mandela dies; South Coast Patriot News celebrates

In the immediacy of Nelson Mandela’s death, politicians, public figures, the public and even those that created “Hang Nelson Mandela” posters paid tribute to a man who became the figurehead of the movement against the racist South African Apartheid regime.

However, over at South Coast Patriot News the same people that chanted “we’re not racist…” just two nights ago outside Jami Mosque were paying different tributes.

SCPNl Mandela


Long-time reader, not-first-time feature of this blog, Jake Chubzy Hyland argues that “Freedom Fighters don’t target innocent civilians.”, which could be a legitimate statement. However, Chubzy has a Waffen-SS tattoo, who as we all know, never targeted civilians ever.

Obviously out the night the Free Nelson Mandela concert was held in ’88, (and completely fucking ignorant of the 24 years before it) John Parker complains of that famous two-tier justice system in South Africa in which Mandela was left to roam doing as he pleased while the oppressed whites couldn’t defend ‘their’ lands.

SCPN Mandela 2


The comments continue in this disgusting racist vain.

EDL Mandela 3


Elsewhere, the now isolated Mickey Bayliss, whose world collapsed after the Portsmouth ‘Unite the right’ demo outside the proposed site of an Islamic School in Pompey also demonstrated his own white victim hood.



You can see the video Mickey shares here. Strangely, no-one kills the white people singing along with Nelson…

The reason the far-right crybabies of the Portsmouth EDL and other fascist groups on the South Coast denounce Nelson Mandela in death, is because he was part of beating what they believe in in life.

When EDL members list their demands; no more mosques, no more Muslim immigrants, ban Islam, deport Muslims, ban Halal, ban Ramadan etc the target might be different but the society they want is the same segregated society as the one that Mandela fought against in South Africa.

While some will emphasise the forgiving side of Nelson Mideba Mandela, others, his statesmanship, we must emphasise his stand against racism. While he may have turned the other cheek to his enemies once the apartheid regime collapsed, during it, he fought it by any means necessary.

Rest In Power Nelson Mandela




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One Response to Mandela dies; South Coast Patriot News celebrates

  1. Billy The Kid says:

    Ah bless him – baby-faced Nazi dipstick Jake Chubzy Hyland (who no doubt fantasises that he is Nicky Crane) rears his stupid “racialist” head once again. Unfortunately for the local fascists little Chubzy has a track history of embarrassing them by turning everything that he touches to a pile of stinking excrement. They need all the shit-for-brains idiot support that they can get of course so he is accepted into their ranks. But even they probably know that he is a liability. Long may he be an integral part of their organisation. He is more useful to us than he realises!

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