Portsmouth Anti-Fascists – Opposing Fascism in Pompey since 2013!

Portsmouth Anti-fascists are a local group based in Pompey made up of grassroots activists. We are committed to resisting fascist and racist activity in our community through direct action and mass mobilisation amongst other means. We believe that allowing fascists and racists to proudly march through our streets is not only dangerous for local people and the city, but promotes hate and perpetuates ignorance.

We belong to the Anti-Fascist Network, a co-ordinated national network of anti-fascist groups up and down the country. While based in Pompey, Portsmouth anti-fascists stand in solidarity with all groups opposing fascism in their communities. As grassroots activists, we believe that working with other local groups and our wider local community is imperative in building a strong and inclusive mass movement in the fight against fascism.
We do not work with the police. We believe that the police and the state more generally, cannot be relied upon nor called upon to challenge and resist fascism; in fact it will allow and encourage fascism if it is in its interest to do so.

Portsmouth anti-fascists promote equality, self-determination, and empowerment for oppressed peoples in every aspect of our struggle. Therefore, we will not tolerate any form of discriminatory language/actions directed towards any group member, person outside of the group or in abstract. This includes racism (obviously), sexism, transphobia, homophobia, ablism, and religious prejudice.

Though the group is obviously extremely political in nature, we are not party political. We welcome activists committed to anti-fascism and anti-racism to join us!
*Portsmouth anti-fascists is an inclusive group and welcomes women (cis and trans) men (cis and trans), non-gender binary, gender non-conforming, queer, LGBT, BME, disabled, and religious activists. We will also offer support where possible to people for whom English is not a first language.

Email address: portsmouthantifascists@riseup.net

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