Fascists blocked once more in Pompey


Portsmouth Anti-Fascists and friends

On Saturday 8th October, Portsmouth Anti-Fascists successfully blocked Pie & Mash Squad (or South Coast Resistance, or whatever they’re calling themselves today) from holding a White Lives Matter protest in Guildhall Square.

Despite claiming that their demo was cancelled the fascists spent all morning in the pub (no doubt they needed the confidence) and were eventually shepherded in by police to find anti-fascist activists already on the guildhall steps with music and chanting to disrupt their plans for a photo.


Showing their true colours with some fancy sieg heiling

Portsmouth Anti-Fascists significantly outnumbered the 8 drunken, angry fascists who presented an intimidating picture to passers-by with their abusive shouting. Their only political message was in the form of banner with a poppy on it which they later ridiculed by performing a Nazi salute with it. This photo was surreptitiously taken at the back of a dodgy pub away from police eyes. They had no plans to inform members of the public of their values and had no cohesive political ideas; all they wanted was an opportunity to openly abuse local anti-fascists, refugees and anyone from ethnic minorities.

Once ten minutes had passed (and presumably they’d used up their entire vocabulary) they shuffled back out of Guildhall Square with the police enabling them to threaten violence but not get close enough for any action. This is, of course, very convenient for them as none of them have a point or any courage of their convictions.

They posted a photo of themselves in front of the Portsmouth Jami Mosque, proving that their only agenda is one of racism and intimidation. This was the only victory they could claim and were not even brave enough to post this until Sunday.

They have since claimed that they had no support because the demo was a fake – a pitiful excuse for their pitiful turnout.

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May 7th: Two pints of lager and a pile of horse shit

Yesterday roughly 30 fascists, namely from the Pie and Mash Squad and Leicester Casuals and 100 pro-refugee and anti-fascist demonstrators overwhelmingly from Portsmouth, met in Guildhall for what can only be described as a slanging match. Embarrassed by the far-right’s repeated failures to mobilise daily mail readers from their armchairs into the streets in Dover, and a recent cock-up in Portsmouth at a local pub, the fash turned up at around 9.30, two and a half hours before their ‘rally’ actually started. We can only assume that they couldn’t find a pub serving stella at this time, or that due to their recent embarrassments they couldn’t risk being refused entry to their own rally point by anti-fascist activists. In this respect, this was the far-right’s only political victory of the day, that they didn’t get tanked up on a Friday night so they could wake up early and sit on some steps waiting for something to happen bright and early on a Saturday morning.

When pro-refugee and antifascist activists did arrive, their enthusiasm to make idiots of themselves soon appeared. While activists countering their protest chanted, sang, and informed passers-by of what was happening, 30 fash stood on the steps, black blocked up like something was going down, drinking, and offering out activists for a fight. Hampshire police with the assistance of Thames Valley attended the event with no less than 12 riot vans and a couple of horses that laid a trail of shit between the two groups to deter any clashes. Despite lingering on the steps for around two and a half hours, their most political statement made by fash was their banner reading “Portsmouth says no to Refugees” which, judging by their small turnout, obviously fell on deaf ears in the city they claim to represent.


Fash “charge”

The fash called it a day at around 12 after which pro-refugee and antifascist activists took to Guildhall steps to make speeches and launch an appeal for an upcoming convoy to Calais. Shortly after crowds dispersed and made their way home after doing precisely what we set out to do which was to not allow fascists to go unopposed in Portsmouth.

It was expected by activists that the fash would make a day of it. With the Pompey lot receiving support for their action from other far-right groups, it seemed only natural that they would want to do some sight-seeing in Portsmouth’s finest drinking establishments. It is common knowledge that the fash love to get tanked up before, during, and after any demonstrations regardless of their success. As such, the fash went on a pub crawl round Portsmouth. Evidently not satisfied enough that they had ‘outsmarted’ the ‘loony lefties’ by setting their alarm clocks a couple of hours earlier, they decided to intimidate bar staff and make a nuisance in several bars and pubs along Elm Grove and Albert Road some three hours after their rally had finished. It seems an unfortunate coincidence that a couple of police officers stationed outside a local pub who were monitoring the dispersal of pro-refugee and anti-fascist activists alerted the fash to the presence of ‘undesirables’ inside the pub. With a few beers down them, the fash decided that they would step up their intimidation and this time started fronting up to a window of the pub where the bar staff stood on the other side. Due to their behaviour in earlier pubs, all bars had been notified by their colleagues elsewhere that the fash were heading their way, and as there were small children in and around the premises, took the decision to close the doors and refuse them entry to ensure the safety of locals and their staff.

Several activists who had been at the rally and were having social drinks with friends were smoking outside when they were forced inside the pub by the police who were stationed outside, unaware of what was happening. Pie and Mash have since enjoyed bending the truth with their propagandist posts on social media and are somehow trying to make out that this was an extension of the rallies that happened earlier that day. What this shows more than anything is that Pie and Mash, Leicester Casuals and all their fash friends aren’t interested in peaceful political protest as they like to have people believe. They are fully engaged in some sort of turf war in the style of football firms and seem to think that Portsmouth, like Dover amongst others, are places to play that out. For Portsmouth antifascist the fight against fascism is 100% a political fight and we believe that opposing fascists en masse and where possible, preventing them from marching or mobilising in our cities, is the only way to rid our communities of bigoted bile. Their behaviour yesterday, intimidating locals, frightening children, and forcing local pubs to close shows what they are really about, and, that as much as they claim it, they do not represent Portsmouth and their actions are not for the benefit of Portsmouth. While Portsmouth Antifascsists know who and what they are, many local people do not and it is for them that we condemn their actions. Portsmouth Antifascists are not, and will not, be intimidated by fascists – whether across the square at a rally or stood inside a pub.

We believe that the actions of yesterday further demonstrate why the police cannot be trusted and should not be relied upon by activists to protect demonstrations, defend our communities, and deliver justice. The police, though not all deployed, outnumbered protesters (fash and pro-refugee) by about 2 to 1. This is one of the largest police presences that Portsmouth has seen for a political protest in many years. The police are actively seeking to avoid a repeat of Dover, but further to that seem desperate to prove their worth with further cuts to frontline officers looming. The use of mounted officers seemed utterly disproportionate, cruel, and a colossal waste of ‘public’ money. While actively encouraging some 6-10 pro-refugee and anti-fascist protesters who had their faces covered to remove their scarves, the police happily stood by as 30 fash stood in all black wearing hoods and sporting masks with skulls on them. Pro-refugee and antifascist activists were encouraged to disperse into small groups and go home while the police facilitated 30 fash to hit the pub. The police consistently and pro-actively facilitate fash protests and expect everyone else to stand by and let it happen. Furthermore, they try to subdue opposing protesters, usually through coercion and manipulation in the name of ‘public order’. Portsmouth Antifascists believe that the facilitation by police of the fascist actions yesterday confirms that the police cannot and do not respond appropriately to fascists.

Neither side can claim victory for yesterday’s rally and subsequent events in Portsmouth. In fact, the entire episode is best described as a stalemate. However, for Portsmouth Antifascists no action or demonstration in isolation is a victory. The only victory will be when we no longer have to mobilise against fascism, and to that end we continue to fight!



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Portsmouth Anti-Fascists – Opposing Fascism in Pompey since 2013!

Portsmouth Anti-fascists are a local group based in Pompey made up of grassroots activists. We are committed to resisting fascist and racist activity in our community through direct action and mass mobilisation amongst other means. We believe that allowing fascists and racists to proudly march through our streets is not only dangerous for local people and the city, but promotes hate and perpetuates ignorance.

We belong to the Anti-Fascist Network, a co-ordinated national network of anti-fascist groups up and down the country. While based in Pompey, Portsmouth anti-fascists stand in solidarity with all groups opposing fascism in their communities. As grassroots activists, we believe that working with other local groups and our wider local community is imperative in building a strong and inclusive mass movement in the fight against fascism.
We do not work with the police. We believe that the police and the state more generally, cannot be relied upon nor called upon to challenge and resist fascism; in fact it will allow and encourage fascism if it is in its interest to do so.

Portsmouth anti-fascists promote equality, self-determination, and empowerment for oppressed peoples in every aspect of our struggle. Therefore, we will not tolerate any form of discriminatory language/actions directed towards any group member, person outside of the group or in abstract. This includes racism (obviously), sexism, transphobia, homophobia, ablism, and religious prejudice.

Though the group is obviously extremely political in nature, we are not party political. We welcome activists committed to anti-fascism and anti-racism to join us!
*Portsmouth anti-fascists is an inclusive group and welcomes women (cis and trans) men (cis and trans), non-gender binary, gender non-conforming, queer, LGBT, BME, disabled, and religious activists. We will also offer support where possible to people for whom English is not a first language.

Email address: portsmouthantifascists@riseup.net

pompey antifa- (1)

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Fascists go where they’re told in Pompey

On Thursday morning local antifascists discovered plans by local EDL members to hold a march in our city that Saturday against a proposed Muslim Faith School.

Feeling confident we were unprepared, the racists excitedly told the local press that “Hundreds would come” and they would be backed up by EDL and Britain First. They weren’t racist however, because this was organised by “ordinary, local people”. (Strangely, the only flags and placards on the demo were EDL, hmmmmm?).

Being the brave foot soldiers they are, they planned a route that would be better classed a hike, covering most of the south of the Island. This route included marching down Elm Grove and Albert Road, Portsmouth’s cultural hub and home to many Asian businesses. Foreseeing the potential clash between the EDL and the mass of Southsea hipsters, artisans and locals, Police wisely told the EDL, they wouldn’t be going near there.

On Saturday morning while fascists were busy pissing it up in The John Jacques (One of the regular haunts) and other local pubs, antifascists congregated on Lake Road waiting for their protest to arrive. Locals, Trade Unionists, Lefties and Students came out to join the demonstration.

Expecting “hundreds” to come, we were left a little confused when their march left with only 50-odd barely filling their pen. While they added traffic to Fratton Road, antifascists left for their police designated rally point in Guildhall, while others got to the local mosques to keep an eye over things. Despite attempts to break away towards the mosque, they were mostly told to jog on by police. Those that did get through gave us the weird sight of grown men squaring up to the Mosque’s wall.

Meanwhile around 10 EDL who left their march attempted to have a go at antifascists outside the Royal Mail sorting offices by Guildhall. Well, we say have a go, we mean they did their best “come on then!” after a riot van had got between us.

In Guildhall, when antifascists arrived, the 10 who got all excited by the Sorting Office again gave their best “E E EDL” while walking towards Bobbies standing near by. For the next 5 minutes, they stood around the steps of Guildhall looking a bit confused. They weren’t at the Mosque like they planned. They weren’t outside the proposed school like they planned. And they weren’t at the War Memorial like they planned. Wondering what to do, they decided to do their best hard men poses behind their flags. Despite our best instructions, one racist just couldn’t get their flag the right way round. Five minutes later, after another racist joined to try and help sort the flag out, they finally managed to get it right, but it was a struggle.

Shortly after, the remaining 30 or 40 “patriots” entered Guildhall. Seeing there was no police to stop them, they ran at antifascists who stood their ground. Without any police lines to get behind, they ended up stopping behind the metal banisters on the steps to the Civic Offices and good 6 feet away from counter protesters and again gave their best “Come on then!”.

They were then forced to join the other confused group of racists on Guildhall steps. After another 5 minutes of looking confused together they came back towards the counter demonstration staying safely behind police lines. Feeling a little dejected their plans had not gone the way they wanted, and the fact most onlookers laughed at them, some of the EDL group decided to climb some steps to the viewing platform on the Civic Offices which takes you no where. They go where they want indeed. Realising this, they ended up back down the same steps they came, after chucking some of their beer money at us and were told to jog on again by cops to another shitty boozer.

So that’s the tale of Saturday. With less than 48 hours notice, local antifascists outnumbered and ruined the long held plans of the EDL. It must of been embarrassing as the Pompey Division’s New mates, Pie and Mash Squad (or The Fascists Formally known as Casuals United) had sent down 20 of their best for the occasion. Yet again, Pompey EDL show themselves up to be the clueless fuckwits they are.

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Bournemouth mobilises against fascism! 23rd August.

Reblogged from Wessex Solidarity – Bournemouth mobilises against fascism! 23rd August.

Wessex Solidarity


Oppose the racist English Defence League in Bournemouth on 23rd August!

Once again this bizarre right-wing cult threatens one of the most peaceful and diverse communities in the south. Their proposed ‘Bournemouth against the Islamification of Britain’ march is a crude provocation to a section of the population that has been here since before most of them were born.

A broad-based coalition, ‘We are Bournemouth’ comprising unions, community organisations, traders and individuals from all walks of life has called for a massive, inclusive, family-friendly counter demonstration against racism and fascism.

Local antifascist groups such as BHstopEDL, StopEDL Bournemouth and of course ourselves will also be out and about on the day, something for everyone. Bournemouth EDL has a history of importing fascists from elsewhere, notably Southampton and Portsmouth, as the blighters have been quite effectively blocked in their own areas, so we call on antifascists from across the…

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Protest for Palestine tells racists they are not welcome

Who takes to the streets to attack a march calling for an end to war crimes, specifically the aerial bombardment of civilian areas leading to the mass killing of children? Well, when the victims are predominantly Muslims, the answer is, of course, the English Defence League. On Saturday (9th August) a demonstration in central Portsmouth calling for an end to the Israeli assault on Gaza and for a free Palestine attracted around 200 people. Starting from the Guildhall Square it went through the shopping precinct and back to the square for a rally with speeches. The turnout was broad, with a sizeable contingent from BME communities and the left.

Excellent community turnout for Gaza

Excellent community turnout for Gaza

As Anti-Fascists suspected 15-20 racists just could not stop themselves from turning up to show the public once again what an utter bunch of mindless morons they are. The usual idiot gang from Portsmouth plus a small travelling contingent of racists from Southampton. It may seem strange at first that some local Nazi’s, one of whom has a tattoo of the SS Death Head, might rally to Israel’s cause but that’s until you realise that the EDL’s fragments plus associated fascists from the NF, are happy to support anyone who murders brown-skinned people.

Like Nick Griffin and Marine Le Pen they attempt to hide their anti-Semitism to ride the Islamophobic wave promoted by mainstream politicians. While some Fascists hatred for Jews means they are the false friends of the Palestinians, criticizing Israel purely on the basis of their own anti-Semitism, lots of the far-right have rallied to the Israel’s cause in the aftermath of the anti-Muslim racism of the years of the ‘war on Terror’.

After following the demo round with insults and provocations including waving both EDL and Israeli flags, with one obviously goyish goon wearing a skullcap, they roughed up two women demonstrators who were telling them where to go. Later when the march got back to rally, the EDL gathered near the war memorial to shout further insults but they looked a pathetic sight as the younger contingent of the pro-Palestinian march moved opposite them and easily shouted them down.

Racists having a go at the peaceful march from the sidelines

Racists having a go at the peaceful march from the sidelines

Outnumbered and basically told to get out of the area for their own safety by large group of demonstrators, a few of these EDL losers, presumably trying to puff themselves up after being told where to go by scores of Asian, black and white people in unison, hassled three women walking home from march, ripping their trade union flag. So there you have it: racist hooliganism, chanting in support of war crimes, following and harassing women. It’s like a checklist for being a scumbag.

The police played their usual role of basically protecting the fascists. Not doing anything serious about their attack on marchers, facilitating their abuse of a multi-ethnic event and then attempting to arrest those resisting the fascists, once again confirmation that those of us who want racist-free communities can’t trust the old bill.

There is also a wider element to the far-rights embrace of the Israel worth noting, Israel is one of the last examples of old school territorial colonialism, a settler state like the United States and Australia before they broke the resistance of the indigenous peoples, it’s rulers consider their states long-term survival only possible upon the dispossession and ethnic cleansing of the descendents of Palestinian inhabitants driven from their villages in 1948, further annexed from 1968, forced to live in refugee camps and under siege.

It is also a state where citizenship rights are attributed on the basis of ethnicity, an apartheid state, in many ways similar to South Africa before majority rule, that is based on a racist conception of humanity where races or religions form a homogeneous block either righteous or to be collectively punished. Although it is not a fascist state, many Israeli politicians have been pushing it down that road for some time now by openly calling for genocide of the Palestinians. Mob violence against African immigrants and Arabs goes widely unpunished by the Police and State. The Israeli government has more recently tried to portray itself as the last outpost of civilisation, reminiscent of the most racist colonial propaganda.

EDL morons love Apartheid state

EDL morons love Apartheid state

Fascism and imperialism has always gone hand in hand, from Hitler and Mussolini’s savage invasions to the founders of the French Front National murdering for the state in Algeria. They are okay with minority communities being terrorised in Britain so it isn’t surprising that they believe in slaughter and exploitation abroad. Anti-Fascists understand that the ideology of empire plants the seeds of fascist violence.

It’s a terrible irony of history that the holocaust has been used as apologia for Israel crimes against humanity but some of the loudest cheers on the day were for speeches that rejected both Israeli colonisation and anti-Semitism. Portsmouth Anti-Fascists are committed to opposing, in deed and word, any instances of racism in the town, including anti-Semitism. When the fascists go unchallenged they can grow, we will continue to not let that happen.

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Oppose the National Front in Oxford this Sat 26th

Anti-Fascist Network


It’s a bit short notice because details have been unclear for a while but it appears that after talking about it for ages the National Front are going to try and hold a demo against ‘Muslim grooming gangs’ in Oxford this Saturday. They have announced they are meeting at the Four Candles Wetherspoons pub, 51 George Street, OX1 2B for a demo at Bonn Sq, OX1 1EU at 1pm.

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