The Mental Decline Of Mickey ‘batshit’ Bayliss..

It seems that the Pompey EDL organiser, Mickey Bayliss (from Bath) has finally lost his mind.


On Saturday Bayliss and his followers disgraced themselves in Portsmouth (See previous post). We think that in his own head he imagined the entire populace of  Portsmouth bowing down to him as he entered the city on a white horse, surrounded by a sunbeam and wearing a suit of armour, as columns of his loyal foot soldiers went door to door dragging Muslims out of their homes. Instead he managed to get a selection of the top 150 racists on the south coast to throw bangers around for an hour, and the entire populace of Portsmouth thinks he’s a fucking pathetic fascist cunt.

Bayliss seems to have taken the news that he has no support pretty badly. Like a typical fascist he has now declared war on the Portsmouth News for not printing his propaganda and the city council for not liking his march. Bayliss seems to think it’s perfectly reasonable that his group of 30 or so boneheads should be running the council and the media. Grasping at straws Bayliss has told the News that he’s going to demo again this weekend, against the Muslim faith school and the city council, without any co-ordination with the police!!! Report here:

It may be the case that he is really missing his friends, and the only way he can get them to come back is by calling a demo. Or maybe it’s because fascists would rather spend the August bank holiday full of hate, rather than enjoying themselves. But it’s more likely down to the fact that his ego took a massive kick in the teeth – after last weekend, we don’t think the people of Portsmouth will take very kindly to his demo at all.

Watch this space for updates.

Mickey Bayliss, Before he went nuts (seriously).

Mickey Bayliss, Before he went nuts (seriously).

Also below is a picture from a fascist blog, taken outside the Connaught Arms on Saturday, of all the kids who were taken on the EDL demo that descended into violence and farce. They even got to sing anti-Muslim songs. Sick ain’t even the word – but now we have some idea as to why Jason Hymers got nicked. Please note this was published by ‘South Coast Patriot News’ showing the kids faces – we have blurred them out.

Brainwashing exercise.

Brainwashing exercise. No child is born racist – It is something they are taught.

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