Fascists blocked once more in Pompey


Portsmouth Anti-Fascists and friends

On Saturday 8th October, Portsmouth Anti-Fascists successfully blocked Pie & Mash Squad (or South Coast Resistance, or whatever they’re calling themselves today) from holding a White Lives Matter protest in Guildhall Square.

Despite claiming that their demo was cancelled the fascists spent all morning in the pub (no doubt they needed the confidence) and were eventually shepherded in by police to find anti-fascist activists already on the guildhall steps with music and chanting to disrupt their plans for a photo.


Showing their true colours with some fancy sieg heiling

Portsmouth Anti-Fascists significantly outnumbered the 8 drunken, angry fascists who presented an intimidating picture to passers-by with their abusive shouting. Their only political message was in the form of banner with a poppy on it which they later ridiculed by performing a Nazi salute with it. This photo was surreptitiously taken at the back of a dodgy pub away from police eyes. They had no plans to inform members of the public of their values and had no cohesive political ideas; all they wanted was an opportunity to openly abuse local anti-fascists, refugees and anyone from ethnic minorities.

Once ten minutes had passed (and presumably they’d used up their entire vocabulary) they shuffled back out of Guildhall Square with the police enabling them to threaten violence but not get close enough for any action. This is, of course, very convenient for them as none of them have a point or any courage of their convictions.

They posted a photo of themselves in front of the Portsmouth Jami Mosque, proving that their only agenda is one of racism and intimidation. This was the only victory they could claim and were not even brave enough to post this until Sunday.

They have since claimed that they had no support because the demo was a fake – a pitiful excuse for their pitiful turnout.

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