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Fascists blocked once more in Pompey

On Saturday 8th October, Portsmouth Anti-Fascists successfully blocked Pie & Mash Squad (or South Coast Resistance, or whatever they’re calling themselves today) from holding a White Lives Matter protest in Guildhall Square. Despite claiming that their demo was cancelled the … Continue reading

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May 7th: Two pints of lager and a pile of horse shit

Yesterday roughly 30 fascists, namely from the Pie and Mash Squad and Leicester Casuals and 100 pro-refugee and anti-fascist demonstrators overwhelmingly from Portsmouth, met in Guildhall for what can only be described as a slanging match. Embarrassed by the far-right’s … Continue reading

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Portsmouth Anti-Fascists – Opposing Fascism in Pompey since 2013!

Portsmouth Anti-fascists are a local group based in Pompey made up of grassroots activists. We are committed to resisting fascist and racist activity in our community through direct action and mass mobilisation amongst other means. We believe that allowing fascists … Continue reading

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Fascists go where they’re told in Pompey

On Thursday morning local antifascists discovered plans by local EDL members to hold a march in our city that Saturday against a proposed Muslim Faith School. Feeling confident we were unprepared, the racists excitedly told the local press that “Hundreds … Continue reading

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Bournemouth mobilises against fascism! 23rd August.

Originally posted on Wessex Solidarity:
Oppose the racist English Defence League in Bournemouth on 23rd August! Once again this bizarre right-wing cult threatens one of the most peaceful and diverse communities in the south. Their proposed ‘Bournemouth against the Islamification…

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Protest for Palestine tells racists they are not welcome

Who takes to the streets to attack a march calling for an end to war crimes, specifically the aerial bombardment of civilian areas leading to the mass killing of children? Well, when the victims are predominantly Muslims, the answer is, … Continue reading

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Oppose the National Front in Oxford this Sat 26th

Originally posted on Anti-Fascist Network:
It’s a bit short notice because details have been unclear for a while but it appears that after talking about it for ages the National Front are going to try and hold a demo against…

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