Quick Report From Sunday/Monday

Well there’s not a lot to be said about what happened in Brighton at the March for England, other than ‘We told you so”. Mainstream media put the MfE march numbers at about 100 with about 1000 anti-fascists screaming at them to fuck off and die. During the march groups of Antifascists from various AFN groups flushed out fascists hiding in pubs waiting to pick people off. There’s a few good reports knocking about, as usual we’d suggest checking out Schnews, Reel News, or AFN. As far as our local’s are concerned, we are pleased to announced nobody from Portsmouth Antifascists got nicked – Unfortunately for the fascist scum they can’t say the same. A 45 year old man from Pompey was nicked (more info needed on this) along with a 39 year old man from Fareham  and a 21 year old also from Pompey – both for drunk and disorderly. Makes you proud don’t it? (Arrest info from Brighton Argus).

The next day saw Portsmouth play host to Nigel Farage as he opened up his South East Campaign at Portsmouth Guildhall. The day started badly for him as his ‘Common Sense’ campaign bus crashed into the Portsmouth & Southsea railway station, there’s a report in the Independent that mentions how ‘onlookers gathered and laughed’. Do’h!!

Later in the Evening Farage was to speak at the Guildhall, and did well to enter two hours before the counter protest formed up outside, as some naughty activists were overheard discussing what to do with their unused eggs. Numbers given for the counter protest vary from around 60 to 100, not too shabby for a Monday night, and there were a decent amount of new faces and passers by who joined in. A few attention seeking UKIP supporters holding a big party umbrella tried to show off in the midst of the counter demo, but after someone pointed out it wasn’t raining, and someone else tried to put a fag burn in said umbrella, they left complaining about the foul language of the proletariat…or something. It had generally been agreed that opposition to UKIP would not disrupt the event, but would just book out seats in the hall to leave empty, that said one lady was removed from the hall during the speech.

people gather at the entrance to the UKIP meeting for a nice bit of heckling.

people gather at the entrance to the UKIP meeting for a nice bit of heckling.

Our favourite part of the evening happened when the 8 local boneheads of the EDL drank enough in Wetherspoons across the road to come out to stand in the doorway trying to look mean. Members from Portsmouth Anti-fascists and a couple of friends who had been expecting trouble from the pricks made a quick decision to go and say hi, but we had barely stepped into the road when the until now subdued police came flying in between us and the fascists. A bit of handbags then ensued with the EDL doing the classic ‘hold me back lads’ routine as soon as the cops got in front of them, much to the amusement of onlookers. The fact that the EDL showed up made UKIP look really bad, not one of the Ukippers I spoke to and questioned could explain why the EDL would like their policies. Here’s a little snippet doing the rounds from the secret fascists at South Coast Patriot News. Makes pretty shit reading for anyone trying to defend UKIP!


Riot vans soon surrounded the small group of EDL keeping them out of view from the Counter UKIP demo. The scene became more farcical as the EDL tried to sing their daft chants but were completely drowned out each time. Some of the highlights came as the anti-fascists pissed themselves laughing at being told ‘you’re not English any more’ – only to respond by joining in, but singing ‘We’re not English anymore’ as if any one gave a flying fuck what 8 boneheads think. Our favourite chant was when the  more militant Antifascists raised a chant of ‘You got done in Brighton, You got done in Brighton.’ It was good to see the local left and also passing students a lot more ‘up for it’ than as at previous meetings. And encouraging to see the EDL make complete pricks out of themselves.

The Next hour saw a pretty boring standoff as cops decided to try and get some intel on both sides, and tellingly decided to pick on the one Muslim lad who was there, who had definatley not been the most vocal. One copper who spoke to one of ours had an Israeli Flag pinned to his vest – its a shame he was not asked how he felt about the fact he was defending a lad across the road who is a known neo-nazi! that’s right, little Jake Hyland was back with the EDL, holding onto their banner. Not racist? Please refer to our previous article –You decide!

Jake Hyland holding 'The Real Portsmouth EDL' flag - Presumably named after the real IRA - these lads aint too smart!

Jake Hyland holding ‘The Real Portsmouth EDL’ flag – Presumably named after the real IRA – these lads ain’t too smart!

Anti-fascists remained in high spirits at what was clearly becoming a little victory, as passers by stopped to say ‘why are the EDL protesting outside Wetherspoons? ‘Oh really?’ ‘Fucking idiots!’.  The EDL were then moved on by the police, shouting threats as they walked away. Hilariously one of the keyboard warriors posted on our facebook account at 11.23pm to say they were drinking in our pub. There are a couple of things wrong with that:

1) We don’t have a pub – we are not just a bunch of degenerate mates like Portsmouth EDL – we are concerned citizens who have formed a group. That’s it. Some of us would probably like a clubhouse, but other would rather be spending time with their loved ones than running around after fascists.

2) Monday night at 11.23pm most pubs are closed, or standing over you waiting for you to sup up. so it’s a pretty daft time to half advertise your whereabouts, especially two hours after everyone else has gone home.

All in all a faily good evening we are sure you’ll agree. Well done to those from the local left who organised the ‘Stand Up To Ukip’ demo and got the crowd going! Just for giggles here’s a little picture that one of our lot made – The enraged UKIP candidate called those responsible ‘Pacifist Traitors’ ha ha ha, you really can’t make this shit up!

Fuck off Upricks!

Fuck off Upricks!



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  1. J. C. says:

    Portsmouth EDL? Not a brain cell between them. A touring circus is in town soon. If they are recruiting clowns then these guys are perfect candidates.

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