Fascist Brings A Touch Of Humour To Westbourne By-election

We watched the Westbourne by-election last Thursday with interest as a lunatic far right candidate, Chichesters Andrew Emerson, was standing for Patria.

Andrew Emerson is an all out fascist. His party ‘Patria’ is a collection of far right has-beens from groups such as the NF and BNP. If you can be bothered to look at their website you will see the usual claim that ‘we are not far right, we are patriots’ along with a collection of nutjob idea’s and racist ramblings. There’s a good web page about him here.

We were pretty annoyed that he showed up to the public hustings in Westbourne to spew his fascist bile, we were even more annoyed that we missed the opportunity to have a chat with him, but we were only informed as he was speaking. According to locals who attended he came across as a  complete moron who seemed obsessed about issues that do not affect the people of Westbourne. No one bought his bullshit, and the other candidates ‘treated him with the contempt he deserves’. His campaign leaflet had five points on it, four were about immigration and repatriation and one was about hanging people. We suspect he also wants to kill the poor, but was sensible enough to keep this off his leaflet.

We were disappointed to hear that Emerson had got 10 people to sign his nomination papers, but in the end it didn’t really matter – the votes were counted and Emerson managed to get three votes. Three (3) votes, yes, THREE VOTES! That must mean that even seven of the people who initially supported him either decided to stay at home or discovered what a poisonous little bell-end he is. Three fascists is three to many, but it’s still a massive embarrassment for Patria.

So in conclusion the quaint West Sussex Village does not look likely to be putting up a noose on East Street just yet. And the Patria party looks like a complete waste of everyone’s time.  As we are all grown ups here’s a picture of Andrew ‘billy no mates’ Emerson –

squint for the camera

squint for the camera

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One Response to Fascist Brings A Touch Of Humour To Westbourne By-election

  1. rrr says:

    West Sussex not east sussex

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