Fallout Boys – How The Shift in EDL Leadership Affects Portsmouth Divs

A lot has been written about the departure of Tommy and Kev from the EDL this week, so there’s not really any point in going over it here in massive detail. Some claimed it was the end of fascism in the UK, while others took a more sober approach and pointed out that Yaxley-Lemon is a snake, and whatever he does, it’s self serving and calculated. For a good antifascist overview have a look at While Rome Burns. Here, we just wanted to have a think about what it means for the Portsmouth EDL.

Portsmouth EDL seemed to be in a downward spiral to no-where after their ill fated Portsmouth Demo turned into a firework throwing farce, and drew condemnation not only from the left but basically anyone who heard about it. The local paper (The News) tore them to shreds, and after inviting every lunatic far-right group going from all across the south and London, they only managed to get about 160 odd out. There’s plenty written about it in our older posts.

After the Demo the division ‘leader’ Mickey Bayliss (from Bath) seemed to go into meltdown, threatening to protest against everything from The News, to Portsmouth city council. In the end though he must have calmed down & realised he would get next to no travelling support and would achieve nothing.

When Tommy quit the EDL the other day, he made reference to the ‘movement’ being infiltrated by Nazis, and that he had lost control. This in itself we know is bullshit – people have been exposing the nazis in the EDL for the last 4 years – Robinson is himself ex BNP. Funnily enough, in an interview on the day he quit, he mentioned the Portsmouth Demo, which was billed as an EDL regional until the last minute when Bayliss realised he didn’t have enough support and invited everyone from the NF to the EVF to MFE. As a result of this the Portsmouth division were effectively kicked out of the EDL. Tommy and the EDL leadership have always known who is in the group, but they didn’t care – what made them care was not the array of fascist scum on show, it was Bayliss being a loose cannon and inviting other groups along. As we know from history, fascists don’t really like to share their people with others.

So a split in the local fascists appeared, between those like Bayliss, who want to ‘unite the Right’ (The hard core extremists), and those who wanted to remain loyal to the EDL. We had been waiting for them to rename themselves something daft like Pompey Frontline, or try to re-start the ill fated South Coast Infidels (it should be pointed out that South Coast Infidels was more of a little facebook social club than a functioning group). It seems now that Tommy’s ego is out of the way, they might again pull together under the EDL name. Not that what they call themselves really matters, it’s still the same hardcore racist scumbags organising – but how the new EDL fares nationally could have an impact on how our local group attracts soft support. It seems that the new unelected EDL Fuhrer Tim Ablitt is going to be more openly fascist, so again we could be left with just the hardcore dregs.

For a bit of fun lets have a look at the page partly run by Portsmouth fascist Adam Brophy, to see what they have made of the EDL’s most recent fiasco –

Post Written By Portsmouth's Adam Brophy

Post Written By Portsmouth’s Adam Brophy

You didn’t see any neo nazis? That’s weird coz everyone else did. For an obvious example here’s young Jake ‘Naziboy’ Hyland, photographed on the very same demo day in the Connaught Arms with an anti UAF placard – looks like South Coast Patriot News and the neo nazis agree on some things:

Nazi Boy Jake next to Mathew woods (hiding behind flag)

Nazi Boy Jake (far right) next to Mathew woods (hiding behind flag)

In case anyone needs reminding check this: Nazi credentials

Here’s another bit of hilarity from Portsmouth Division claiming they will continue not to be racist:

pompey edl

So they are going to reject far right extremists…lets get you started then, who’s going to Bradford tomorrow? Lets try Martin Jackson (Jaco Puntcuncher English), he doesn’t change apparently…

jaco prison memoirs

If Portsmouth Division are serious about cleaning up their act and they really are having a clear out, they better start at the top – here’s Bayliss again (also going to Bradford tomorrow).

bad taste?

bad taste?

So in conclusion – Tommy and Kev leaving the EDL is probably not going to have any effect locally, as this lot are committed lifestyle racist mugs. One good bit of news is that they failed miserably to fill a coach for Bradford – they are taking lads from Sussex and London and picking up two more divisions on the way. If anyone who’s not busy at 6am tomorrow (Saturday) wants to wave them off they are getting the coach from the Hard. Be interesting to know what company is helping them out.

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