Portsmouth Counters The EDL Tomorrow!

Tomorrow the EDL freak show rolls into town, we also have guest appearances from the BNP, NF, and the EVF.

Antifascists are prepared to counter the March – We urge everyone with a sense of social duty to join us on the streets! Here are the call out details from the EDL:


We don’t know the exact route the police will take the EDL, but their demo site will be outside of the proposed school, on the junction of Lake Road and Fratton Road, and It’s a good guess that they won’t walk the length of Fratton Road past the kebab shops. The local UAF will be holding a demo in town at midday to voice their opposition. It is worth noting that threats have been made to peaceable people attending this demo.

The local paper – Portsmouth News, ran an article on the EDL organiser (Mickey Bayliss) today as he got caught out trying to grow a pair when mouthing off on the EVF facebook event . The article is here: http://www.portsmouth.co.uk/news/local/facebook-threats-reported-to-police-by-campaigner-1-5397837 . This group does not think the police can be relied upon to fight fascism – but in a town like ours this kind of report does open up the eyes of some who have been duped by the bullshit the EDL peddles. Interestingly Bayliss also tells the News that the NF are not welcome – As Bayliss invited them we wonder if they will all fall out again? Good old far right unity never lasts for long – too many dictators!

Also in the News article is a statement from the owners of the Connaught Arms, lying through their teeth about how they don’t support the EDL, they even claim to be providing a public service by hosting the EDL. Here’s what we know – The owners have left the running of the pub to the (grown-up) kids who are supporters of the EDL. They have planned to have both recent marches from the pub, and it is used to hold regular meetings. Here’s a shot of the open facebook event they used to plan tomorrows march –

Defaced Fratton Park Pic - Meeting at Connaught last week with attendees.

Defaced Fratton Park Pic – Meeting at Connaught last week with attendees.

After this meeting the pub got in trouble with noise complaints from residents, and Portsmouth Antifascist spotters noticed EDL members going out the front for ciggy’s and running down to the offy to neck a lager on the cheap – nothing wrong with that if you’re skint, but if the owners of the Connaught think they are benefiting from hosting the fascists they are mistaken. And they will most likely lose any other trade as a result – Fascism Doesn’t Pay!

All the stupid hijinx of the local fascists and their travelling mates makes it easy for people to write them off, to say ‘ignore them and they will go away’ – History tells us this is not the case. If they go away from tomorrow feeling empowered they will only grow, attacks on minorities in the city will rise and tensions will develop between communities that have so far gotten along fine, we need to snuff it out now.  Cracks are already showing in the EDL camp so lets stick the boot in now . All out on the streets tomorrow – Stay Mobile. Stay Safe. Fuck Fascism.

A3 anti-EDL poster

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