Call Out To Counter Pompey EDL Demo: Sat 17th August

Portsmouth EDL has announced it’s intention to march in the city on Saturday 17th August.

shite poster

shite poster

This time they are upset as they have found out that a disused building in Portsmouth has been sold to someone who is going to turn it into an Islamic School (click link for the site). There are quite a few people who do not like the idea of private schools, or religious schools for that matter, but the fact is that if it was any other religion the EDL wouldn’t care (have you ever seen them outside a Catholic School?) – They see this as an opportunity to stir up racial tensions in our city, just another stick to beat our peaceful Muslim neighbors with. Ironically it was only a few weeks ago that they where jumping up and down over an issue with Muslim kids observing Ramadan at Charles Dickens School, but when the Muslims try and set up their own school the EDL protest that too….Basically whatever our Muslim population does the EDL will jump all over it, it’s blind hatred. The poster above also states that they are protesting against ‘Grooming Gangs’ – again a savage attempt to convince the limp minded that all Muslims are paedophiles. We feel it should be pointed out that there has never been such a case anywhere near Pompey. Unfortunately there were a few sick bastards living in Portsmouth who were convicted in 2011 for being part of an international paedofile ring – but the EDL do not care about that as the paedo’s were white and English. The story of that case can be read here: . Seriously, the EDL marched in Portsmouth in 2011, not a peep! They are also famously bad at kicking out nonces from their own organisation.

It seems that the EDL is perhaps not quite as untied as they appear from the outside. Portsmouth Division Leader Mickey Bayliss (a West Ham supporter who lives in Bath) did not want this to be an EDL march but a march for all far right groups. In the end he did not get his way and it was called  in the name of EDL – so Mickey invited every Nazi from Southern England anyway. We have received information that Bayliss invited all sorts of groups including the National Front(NF) to what he calls ‘a rascals day out at the seaside’. For anyone who needs reminding what the NF are like here’s some pics gathered of a few of their members taking it easy (please note that these people are not from Pompey – but are invited here on behalf of the EDL by Bayliss).

wales NF

some nice chaps from wales NF

EDL and NF have teamed up before, this pic is from up north.

EDL and NF have teamed up before, this pic is from up north.

National Front members play dress-up and symbolically hang a Golliwog at a secret gig earlier this year

National Front members play dress-up and symbolically hang a Golliwog at a secret gig earlier this year as part of ‘white pride world wide’ – we wonder if their mother’s are proud?

Obviously as the EDL has no real support in Portsmouth they have called in help from all surrounding EDL ‘divisions’ – here’s a pic from the Bournemouth group who are expected to travel, as well as groups from London, Sussex, and Suffolk.

17th Demo 2

The last time the EDL staged an official march and rally in Portsmouth they disgraced themselves – here’s what the Portsmouth News reported at the time:

The Portsmouth EDL seems to be made up of two different types of people. The first type are the hardcore fascists and racists, probably totalling about 30 at the moment. The second are the bulk of those who will attend and are the brain washed conspiracy theory nuts – there are actually people in the EDL facebook groups who believe that their kids are going to be forced to study Sharia Law in school rather than learn English and Maths – we shit you not!

Pic from Portsmouth News coverage of last Pompey EDL  demonstration.

Pic from Portsmouth News coverage of last Pompey EDL demonstration: two Pompey fans have to avoid a struggling racist .

So Pompey once again braces for a tide of human filth to spill onto our streets, we can only estimate they will draw in about 200-300 people. There are many more decent minded people in Portsmouth. If we include surrounding area’s such as Gosport & Havant the population is about 860,000 – and 20,000 of those are Muslim! It’s time for people to unite, to get out of their houses and tell these racist clowns to go home. Times have been hard and communities are suffering enough, we don’t need dividing along the lines of religion as well! We say all out on the 17th  – fill the streets, lets send these morons who hide behind our flag back to the sewers they crawled out from!

Portsmouth UAF has a facebook event here: The important thing is to get on the streets! Keep checking for updates!

Spread the Word!

Spread the Word!

You will find us on the shop and factory floors.
You will find us on the terraces and in the pubs.
You will find us in the mosques, temples and synagogues.
But most of all you will find us united on the streets, and we hope you’ll join us.

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    All out in Pompey next Saturday!

  2. Peter SOWERBY says:

    Looks like the Nazi EDL fascists are are crawling out of the sewers all over the south east. Even it’s head parasite leader David Irving will be trying to spew out his fascist garbage in Southampton on Sunday. I am looking forward to a nice day out chasing the Nazi shites out of the city.

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