Portsmouth’s EDL ‘Firm’ Join Violent Birmingham Protest

For anyone who missed it, the EDL held a demonstration in Birmingham on Saturday in another failed attempt to stir up racial hatred in the city. Once again all they did was get pissed, fight with the police, and smash a few windows, leaving behind a city wondering ‘What was the point of that?’ There’s a report of it here from: BBC Birmingham & Black Counrty.

There is also a good report from Schnews that outlines the lame anti-fascist presence on the street in Birmingham and a very good blog post from Left at The Lights  that gives an eye witness account of what it was like to be a minority going into town when the fascist scum are bussed in.  It seems that the EDL numbers are still riding high following the exploitation of the Rigby Murder, at least on a national level, although having said that 1000 people is tiny for a national demonstration of anything. We notice that no one has been out disrupting town centres following the arrest of a man on terror charges in the midlands after stabbing an old man in the back and planting bombs. We can only presume this is because people like the EDL do not actually care about terror attacks, ( although painfully similar to the Rigby murder, if not worse) if they are carried out against non whites.

So Back to our local scum. It appears about 8 of Portsmouth’s EDL made the trip to Birmingham to run around causing trouble in someone else’s town.   They were getting these numbers on the trains a few years ago but have not been travelling to ‘away days’ over the past year or so as  the demo’s became more and more pointless. So lets have A look what they got up to in Brum…

firm of floppy?

So Chris Bright thinks they’ve got a naughty little firm and he can’t wait till Jaco gets out? Thats because Martin ‘Jaco’ Jackson is currently serving a twelve month jail sentence. If he gets out early he’ll be on a tag – we hope for his own sakes he takes a good look at his friends, Being in ‘naughty little firms’ running around pissed & drugged up fighting police probably ain’t the best advise to give someone who gets out on a tag.

It’s also apparent from the above shot that a few of them stuck a bit too much of the white stuff up their noses before proceeding to get get drunk in Brum – True Patriots! Why do these people think they are fit to defend anything, maybe a better term would be English Disgrace League.

Jason Hymers And Chris Bright posing with their fuhrer Stephen Lennon

Jason Hymers And Chris Bright posing with their fuhrer Stephen Lennon

Itchy trigger finger? Dopesick Hymers.

Itchy trigger finger? Dopesick Hymers.

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