Boy Denied Water In Portsmouth School Was Not Denied Water

A couple of days ago on the 12th July the Daily Mail ran this story about a woman from Portsmouth who claims her kid was refused water to avoid upsetting Muslim kids who were fasting for Ramadan at Charley Dickens School.  Just type in ‘Boy denied water at school’ and you get the Daily Mail article followed by loads of far right blogs, many based in America, trying to use this story as evidence that we are all going to be enslaved by evil Islamists.

We are sure that people don’t need to be reminded about the history the Daily Mail has when it comes to scare stories, very little changes in that respect, in the 1930’s the Daily Mail was attempting to whip up hatred against Britain’s Jews, until the outbreak of war which meant they had to shut the fuck up and get behind the country instead of dividing it.

Predictably the Local BNP and EDL took what they read in the Daily Mail at face value and started jumping up and down about what an outrageous disgrace this was – They seem to think that the teachers are forcing non Muslim kids to observe Ramadan – You can’t fault them for their imagination.


We would just like to remind those who believe what they read in the Mail that they are swallowing propaganda. If you took the time to read the Express and the Mirror on the same day you would find a statement from Craig Duncan, Head Teacher at Charles Dickens School, not included in the Daily Mail account. Mr Duncan said:

“We do everything that we can to ensure the welfare of all of our children and we would never prevent them from having access to water. In this case, water was available and pupils were just reminded to be respectful to their classmates who were unable to drink in this hot weather.”

Notice the words “water was available” So Either:

a) It is a simple case that the kid of the complainant misunderstood the instructions issued by the teacher and took it to mean he was not allowed a drink.

b) The kid told his mum, and she misunderstood, and quickly called the Daily Mail.

c) The mum has an agenda, quickly called the Daily Mail, and is making the whole thing up.

Make your own mind up, but if you think a school would deny children water because there are Muslims present you need to slap yourself. Hard.

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One Response to Boy Denied Water In Portsmouth School Was Not Denied Water

  1. arkadyrose says:

    Children are allowed to drink water during Ramadan anyway.

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