BNP Halfwits Deliver Glossy Shit Roll In Havant.

We have received reports and pics to say the social misfits of the BNP have been out shoving their ridiculous race hate propaganda through the doors of the decent people of central Havant. What Havant has done to deserve this we do not yet know. Unfortunately nobody saw who was responsible for this, but we ask people to be vigilant and keep an eye out for further activity. Please contact your local antifascists as soon as you hear anything regarding  BNP in your area. Here’s a sample of the bullshit they expect people will swallow (found on Monday):

Racist Bullshit - How thick do they think we are?

Racist Bullshit – How thick do they think we are?

Each comment they make on this, the backside of the leaflet, is pretty fucking stupid – please feel free to tear it apart point by point in the comments section if you have a minute!

We are not entirely sure why the BNP have chosen to leaflet now, with no election looming? Maybe the leaflets are about to go out of date and they need to get rid of them, Or maybe they are trying to make up for the fact that antifascists and people dressed as badgers humiliated them  London the other week? We can never try to understand the twisted mind of a BNP organiser, although how posting a list of outrageous extremist nonsense through people’s doors will make up for the fact they are a spent force is anyone’s guess.

Anyway – There’s one BNP no-mark we know of in Havant who stood for election only to get humiliated at the ballot box: Mr Christopher J Gould – There’s a story about him here from the Portsmouth News – it seems Mr Gould is so proud to be a member of the BNP he thought he’d get more support if he pretended to run as an independent candidate!! Anyways If you’d like to return your leaflet him you can visit Havant Council website here: scroll down to candidates and click on Bedhampton and Leigh Park to download the info.


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