Portsmouth EDL Gets Into Grooming Kids

Just when you thought Portsmouth’s EDL couldn’t sink any lower we find out they are trying to brainwash their kids, stunting their education and knowledge of the world. What ever happened to letting kids be kids eh?

It was reported in the Halesowen News, on the 2oth June, that the EDL  have produced a national letter for brain dead parents to send into schools saying they don’t want their kids to be educated about Islam (although we’re sure they don’t mind the kids reading the bullshit propaganda they post on their facebook pages – which is fine apparently) – Here’s the Article from Halesowen:

EXCLUSIVE: Shocking EDL plan to subvert children’s education uncovered

What’s Halesowen News got to do with our manor? Here’s a screen shot from the public Portsmouth EDL page advertising the letter. Please note the article says it is posted from Twerton, UK (Twerton is a little place in Somerset where Mickey Bayliss lives – he’s the Portsmouth North East group organiser, and he ain’t even from Pompey!



Portsmouth Schools are aware of this problem so, if nothing else, those who write in will probably get on the list of mums & dads who won’t turn up to parents evening. If this isn’t bad enough it seems that the EDL leadership has told the minions to fire up the old ‘Youth Division’ Pages – and Portsmouth EDL again jumped at the chance to get em’ young! Here’s a snap from the Portsmouth North East Youth Division page:

Brain washing the Yuff's - an old NF tactic.

Brain washing the Yuff’s – an old NF tactic.

So we ask ourselves, who’s behind this grooming page – is it a disaffected young lad, angry at the world, and lashing out at the nearest scapegoat the media put in front of him? Sadly not. The Portsmouth ‘Youth Division’ is being run by questionable adult and all round extremist racist ‘Buzz Pompey Patriot’ (Adam Brophy). Here he is safely behind police lines at the annual March for England  ‘not racist’ event in Brighton this year. Note the ‘Anglo Saxon’ hoodie – we wonder how far he has traced his ancestry, and what relevance it has in 2013?

Audition for Anglo Saxon village idiot - Racist child groomer Adam.

Audition for Anglo Saxon village idiot – Racist child groomer Adam.

As a side note, we are sure the Pompey EDL will write us off as ‘leftys’ or ‘communists’ – unlucky lads, we are a group of people from all across the political spectrum. The only thing we have in common is a sense of decency and the desire to resist organised racism. And for those that say ‘It’s not racist to be against Islam coz it’s a religion not a race’ we say it’s not patriotic to be against religious freedom. Get fucked…..losers.


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One Response to Portsmouth EDL Gets Into Grooming Kids

  1. dascrapital says:

    Thanks for reporting this. On the last paragraph, the claim that “We’re not racist because Islam is not a race” – it *is* racist to treat Muslims like a homogenous group, which the EDL like to do.

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