More Nazi Tactics From Portsmouth EDL

This story is a few days old, but we think it should be covered in an attempt to expose the local EDL activists fascist tactics. (Please note that we only rely on the truth, we will not make assumptions. Pictures published here are done so in the name of public interest.  We think it is only fair to expose people who have shown willingness to attack political opponents or carry out racist attacks. We are not interested in receiving addresses – and we certainly won’t publish them. We are not ‘as bad as them’).

Since Portsmouth EDL capitalised on the public anger following the murder of Lee Rigby they have attracted a lot of new support that has seen them again try to poison the minds of working class people. Luckily some of those who joined the Portsmouth EDL on their first big meeting up on Fratton Road a few weeks back, were horrified by what they saw (the racist verbal abuse of little Asian kids playing in a park and Nazi salutes towards the police and the Mosque). One person was so disgusted with the behavior of these so called patriots  they provided us with a pretty decent insight into the apparent workings of the group.

We were told that word had come down from the leadership (through regional organiser Mickey Bayliss) that Hope not Hate are doing a speaking tour of the UK, and each EDL division is expected to disrupt the one in their area. This is exactly the kind of thing Hitler’s Nazi party did in the beer halls of Munich in the course of them seizing power. It’s an attempt to silence all opposing voices. It seems like the more openly fascist elements within Portsmouth EDL tried to trick their followers into disrupting the local SWP (Socialist Workers Party) meeting, by telling the foot soldiers who don’t seem to question anything, that the SWP meeting was a cover for Hope not Hate. Needless to say it was not, and based on the fact they sent someone from Portsmouth EDL to disrupt the Hope not Hate meeting in Southampton the same night, they were well aware the SWP meeting in Pompey had nothing to do with it.

So at short notice we pulled together about 20 anti-fascists and set off to the SWP meeting expecting trouble. What we found was a bit of a surprise – four EDL blokes sat outside, one with a big camera – all looking slightly worried. Here’s some pics of the four:


What followed was slightly surreal  – an attempt was made to find out what they were doing there, and both sides were given the chance to speak. We doubt that if 20 EDL had found four of us they would have provided the same courtesy, but that’s what makes us reasonable people. Unsurprisingly the debate turned into a farce, Jacob kept the crowd amused with quotes such as “I’m not a racist I’m a racialist”, and Ben and his friend got a few people feeling sorry for them as they came out with arguments that are a result of far right brain washing and lazy journalism – “immigrants are higher on the list for council houses” – Yea, because the council are allowed to discriminate against whites?? Think about it lads.

The Socialists managed to have their meeting, and the anti fascists remained outside until the fascists had left. There were no fisticuffs, it felt like a victory. It was an hour later we got word from the Southampton Hope not Hate meeting that a Portsmouth EDL member had been removed by police after frothing up at the mouth about communists. The meeting was apparently attended by about 25 elderly people and town councilors. Obviously violent undercover communists.

Mike Little - sent to disrupt Southampton meeting

Mike Little – sent to disrupt Southampton meeting

What we were surprised at is that the four we spoke to did not come across as violent Nazi’s, Jacob (although admitting he is a fascist) was at pains to say he is completely peaceful, Bayliss and the other three looked as though they listened, and did allow people to speak to them. Some people probably left thinking there is hope for the human race yet….Until we had a Look what local EDL lout Chris Bright was sat at home posting on facebook….

chris bright 2

That’s right, all the peaceful shit straight out the window – and we only got to believe it for about 2 hours. Chris Bright publishing the address (deleted here) of a local activist advocating violence – Paul Thompson wants to do it on the 29th, and Tony Mitchell would rather pay someone else to do it. More proof if needed that they are just a bunch of violent extremists. Are Portsmouth EDL going to kick these people out? Of course their fucking not! We are now left to wonder if everything the above four said was just to wriggle out of a  spot of bother?

tonyWe don’t work with the pigs, but after this article has done the rounds it may be Chris and Tony getting a knock at the door from the OB. Well done lads, maybe lock your facebook pages down eh? Genius.

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6 Responses to More Nazi Tactics From Portsmouth EDL

  1. What’s hilarious, is that majority of these aren’t from Portsmouth. Just live on the outskirts in places like Fareham, Leigh Park etc and feel they are some sort of crusaders coming to help the people of Portsmouth, who actually don’t want them there.

  2. mike little says:

    an interesting article but sadly lacking some information . I did attend the hnh meeting in southampton and yes it was a small gathering of mainly middle age people. however not once was the word communist mentioned by me and I didn’t froth at the mouth. I started a debate regarding hnh focus on UKip as being fruitless and suggested groups should focus on the problems of extremism. I was asked to leave and escorted from the meeting. after the event I was approached by two people who had attended it and had a lovely conversation with them. I have subsequently left edl as I found the mind set of many of the members unacceptable. I am not a racist nor fascist. I am just concerned with the extremist that are forcing their ways upon us. that includes edl and other organisations such as uaf who are extremist in their method.
    I have my opinions and I have the right to voice them. I am against violence and extremism.

    • simon hartley says:

      UKIP are a racist party, if you agree with their policies you are a racist. They continually put the economic depression down to immigration instead of banker greed. They twist facts about multiculturalism and purport that there are large groups of immigrants who do not attempt to mix with the ‘supposed’ indigenous UK population; they do this for their own selfish agenda of whipping up mass hysteria to gain votes from ill informed bigots. They are homophobic and disabilist, look at your cornwall representative for proof of that.
      UKIP are a hotbed for far right extremists who have moved on from the BNP and National Front.
      To conclude, do not attempt to sound like an non-racist rational person when you are attempting to defend UKIP and have a history of membership with the EDL.

    • smellmycheese says:

      Mike, you point seems fairly sensible, if we ignore the fact that you were sent by Mickey Bayliss to disrupt the meeting, as is the national EDL policy that he is trumpeting. What happened there? Did you feel uncomfortable so you decided to try and talk to them instead? To be fair I can believe you were escorted from the venue for speaking out, as those elderly people in attendance were jittery due to EDL thugs showing up at different towns.
      I hope what you say is correct, and that you have left the crime syndicate that is the portsmouth EDL – although you’ll have to excuse me if i’m I’m a little skeptical, as whenever I have questioned Portsmouth EDL face to face they have always denied being in the EDL members, obviously they are very proud of what they do! Time will tell, but If you are against violent extremism leaving the EDL is a good move.
      I note that you say Extremists are forcing their ways upon us – How so? an example would’nt go amiss.
      I don’t think you are alone in wanting to get rid of extremism – most people do, most people would also say the best way you can fight extremism is by enjoying your life and not worrying so much – if you are out on the streets shouting the divisive message of the EDL then the extremists are having their work done for them – dividing communities and pushing people apart.

      I think its difficult for people to judge things clearly when all they read is the news feeds in the edl groups that are a constant stream of brainwashing against Islam, with hand picked stories about Muslims doing bad things from around the world – you could do this about any religion or race and make them look bad, look at what happened to the Jews during Hitlers reign. I know a few Muslims, some practicing, some not, but what I read on the EDL pages is scary, it bears no relation to the people that I know – the only cultural difference I can note is that they don’t get pissed, which sometimes makes me look a bit of a tit if we go out for afternoon drinks and i end up wasted! But they don’t seem to mind, and why should they, we are all entitled to do what we want as long as it does not have a negative impact on someone else trying to do what they want.

      As for the UAF being extremist – you gotta be kidding? I think again you have got this opinion from the kinds of internet sites you visit. Please give me an example of UAF extremism as I ain’t got a clue where you get this from other than their opponents trying to shame them.

  3. love2rebel says:

    @ mike your against violence and extremism?? i assume you want to bring down the government then?

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